Saturday, June 21, 2014

Can U.S. Prisoners Refuse Gay Sex?

ARE AMERICAN MEN ALLOWED TO REFUSE GAY SEX? That question will be answered in the "Minnesota v. Mark Bowles" case. We will see if prison investors in Minnesota will incarcerate a U.S. veteran for having a mental health crisis after suffering a brain injury he received resisting jailhouse RAPE. This happened during Mark's sentence in Anoka County Jail when he should have been an inpatient or outpatient for epilepsy. Our GLBTQ friends of justice also object to rapes of heterosexuals. Mark faces imprisonment for frightening a nurse in his room during an epileptic seizure caused by the head injury after recovering from a coma. Why didn't the state prosecute the inmate who attacked Mark and gave him the traumatic brain injury?

Prison profits are robbing our courtrooms of any sense of reason and respect for justice. One Florida judge physically fought a defense attorney who refused to waive his client's right to a speedy trial.

Mark Bowles has as much right to be a straight man as his attacker has to be gay, Minnesota. Nobody should be beaten comatose for refusing to accept a gay lover, America. Complain to the USDOJ if you agree: Email and call (202)514.2000. Mark Bowles goes on trial June 24 for frightening a nurse while having an epileptic crisis, and the judge allegedly said the court will not allow any testimony regarding Mark's diminished mental capacity, which is the only defense Mark has for having a seizure.
None of this would have happened if Mark had only given up the booty. Read more about "Minnesota v. Mark Bowles" and see a picture of his alleged would-be rapists at our "Dog Justice" article:
"Mark Bowles: Prosecuted for Epileptic Seizures"

UPDATE June 26, 2014: +Diana Beth sent me a message: "He slit his throat!" Her son, Mark Bowles, is on his way now to the hospital. He was convicted by a jury yesterday that was denied hearing any defense Mark could have given for allegedly assaulting a nurse in his hospital room. Actually, he frightened the nurse who fell and bumped her own head. Mark did not touch her. The veteran had an epileptic crisis after coming out of a coma caused by a traumatic brain injury he suffered while fighting off a jail inmate who wanted to rape him. The jury was allowed to know none of this. All defenses related to Mark's diminished capacity were reportedly squashed by Judge Frank Kundrat. The jury reportedly sent questions to the court, including: 1) Was Mark Bowles mentally ill? 2) Was Mark Bowles on medication that may have contributed to his offenses? The judge refused answers to the jury questions.

America presently has more than 1.25 million mentally ill inmates. The wrongful conviction of Mark Bowles, a U.S. veteran and epileptic patient, helps explain how it happened.

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Mary Neal, director
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Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Damion Hayes Story: Mentally Ill in SHU

1.  WHY IS DAMION HAYES IN SOLITARY CONFINEMENT serving a life sentence for an assault that caused no lasting injuries, his first offense? Prison investors prefer young, mentally ill inmates like Damion, because they are most expensive on taxpayers. The increased cost to maintain a prisoner in solitary confinement can range from $14,933 to $21,485 per inmate every year. The average cost of a prisoner in SHU is $78,000 per year. Over 60 percent of inmates in solitary confinement are mentally ill. Multiplying $80,000 per year times 50 years (Damion's remaining life expectancy at sentencing) means the mentally challenged young man is worth $4 million to prison investors, Fred Hayes. That is why your son was imprisoned rather than treated for his mental illness, and it is why I am censored and persecuted continually for advocating to decriminalize mental illness. 

2.  In many prison facilities, inmates who are not warehoused in solitary confinement nevertheless bring their worth up to $80,000 per year or more by providing prison labor. Inmates who refuse to work are remanded to solitary confinement so that the extra $14,993 to $21,485 can be extracted from taxpayers for unproductive slaves. Some of the corporations that use prison laborers instead of hiring more "free" people include: Starbucks, Nintendo, Victoria’s Secret, JC Penney, Sears, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Eddie Bauer, Wendy’s, Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Fruit of the Loom, Motorola, Caterpiller, Sara Lee, Quaker Oats, Mary Kay, Microsoft, Boeing, and the USA. 

3.  Prison investors are blinded by greed and unable to see your son as a human being, just as slave owners were blinded by greed for over 400 years and would not acknowledge their slaves' humanity. Dehumanizing mentally ill people protects prison investors and their slave catchers from feeling remorse about the high numbers of mentally ill Americans who receive catastrophic injuries and are killed on our streets and behind bars. You and your family and friends look at the photo above and see Damion, an intelligent, handsome young man who has a health issue that can and should be treated, not punished. But prison investors see only the $4 million which they can earn by continuing to warehouse Damion in a 6 foot by 9 foot cell, just as they have for roughly 14 years. Damion and others are like animals that prison profiteers are boarding for a tremendous fee. In many cases, they are not treated with the respect that is given to animals. 

4.  The fact that Damion is black makes his inhumane and excessive incarceration all the more acceptable to prison investors, including those in government positions whose duty is to protect the rights of Americans, especially Americans with disabilities and people who are institutionalized. A study showed that black people who are suffering engender less sympathy than other races. The lack of sympathy was evident even among blacks who participated in the study. Therefore, having black people in decision making positions has not and will not positively affect black prisoners who endure brutality and torturous solitary confinement, especially since reversing mass incarceration would incur a personal cost to decision makers in terms of their own stock portfolios and career growth.

5.  (Ten numbered paragraphs are in this article, seven urls, one email address.) The recent study by Kelly M. Hoffman and Adam Waytz shows that people, including medical personnel, assume black people feel less pain than white people. The researchers asked participants to rate how much pain they would feel in 18 common scenarios. The participants rated experiences such as stubbing a toe or getting shampoo in their eyes on a four-point scale (where 1 is “not painful” and 4 is “extremely painful”). Then they rated how another person (a randomly assigned photo of an experimental “target”) would feel in the same situations. Sometimes the target was white, sometimes black. In each experiment the researchers found that white participants, black participants, nurses and nursing students assumed that blacks felt less pain than whites.

6.  We have before us the same task that our great grandparents did: abolition of slavery. Although whites also suffer in America's prison industrial complex, injustice remains largely a racial issue in the United States. This writer knows of no Caucasian family who had a member secretly arrested, kept nearly three weeks under secret incarceration, deprived of prescription heart and psychiatric medications, then returned to the family as a naked corpse without any explanation, excuse, inquest, investigation, prosecution, or wrongful death payout. It is doubtful that a major law firm could succeed in having courts declare it "nonexistent" to avoid liability after defrauding a Caucasian family like The (Johnny) Cochran Firm did to the Neal family.

7.  No Caucasian family would be in danger of financial persecution, censorship, and retribution for asking officials in federal and local government offices what happened to the deceased. That response is limited to Larry Neal's family and black families in the Old South when their loved ones were lynched. Crosses would blaze in the yards of black families to warn survivors not to seek justice. Deprivation of equal protection under the law in 21st century America continues unabated while the nation pretends it entered a post-racial era and undermines affirmative action, the Voting Rights Act, and other provisions that were instituted to improve conditions of blacks in this land that prospered mightily by slavery for 400 years and still benefits from enforced prison labor of a largely black prison population. 

8.  Fred Hayes sought psychiatric help for Damion when he was 17 years of age and his mental illness manifested itself, but Fred was rejected. Psychiatric treatment is often withheld from mentally ill Americans unless they prove (usually through preventable crimes) that they are a danger to self and others. A year later, Damion attacked a neighbor for no apparent reason, probably while hallucinating, and was sentenced to prison for 23 years to LIFE for his first offense. Mentally ill inmates are unlikely to be treated favorably by any parole board because their illness precludes their ability to follow prison rules and win favor from guards and the warden. Therefore, Damion is likely ineligible to exit prison minus a successful appeal or a pardon. 

9.  Damion's two appeals have been rejected, and his family continues to work with attorneys to release the young man who should be a hospital inpatient and not a prison inmate. We request your help on the petition to the White House and Florida's governor for Damion's pardon: "SAVE FLORIDA INMATE DAMION HAYES FROM SHU." Please sign and share the petition at the link below to save Damion as well as Florida taxpayers who would be billed over $4 million during Damion's lifetime if he remains imprisoned. Your support may help deliver Damion from prison, where he has already spent 14 years in torturous solitary confinement. Damion is capable of undergoing treatment and being restored to a wholesome life. Damion Hayes is not an animal.

Save Florida Inmate Damion Hayes from SHU

References (four)

Hoffman and Waytz Study: "Racial Perceptions of Others' Pain"

10.  This is FREE DAMION HAYES MONTH at "Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill." Please hear Fred Hayes speak on behalf of his son, Damion, and all mentally dysfunctional inmates Wednesday nights in June at 9pm PDT at Blogtalkradio. Your comments and questions are invited at (818)572.2947; the same number will connect you to the "Human Rights for Prisoners March" broadcasts each Monday at 9pm PDT. Previous recordings are archived for your listening any time. 
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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mom Dies in PA Debtors Prison

Photo from Reading Eagle

1.  A Mother Died Suspiciously in Pennsylvania's Debtors Prison for Fines Regarding Her Truant Kids. Pennsylvania is running a prison profiteering scheme using black mental patients and poor people of any race. PLEASE CHECK FOR THE VICTIM'S ORGANS AND GET AN INDEPENDENT OUT-OF-STATE AUTOPSY. Pennsylvania prison profiteers probably sell organs. Condolences to her family and friends.

2.  See also "Free Your Slaves, Pennsylvania: Terrell Scott and His Family"

3.  (Three (3) links are above this line.) Social deviants in Pennsylvania made headlines in 2009 when its veteran judges sold kids4cash to friends who owned private juvenile detention facilities for $2.6 million (it was probably much more). Penn State took the nation's front pages when it was revealed that children were molested there, and their molestation was covered up by the university administrators. Now we know that blacks with mental illness like Terrell Scott are indefinitely detained in prison with trials denied and tortured until they make false confessions accepting responsibility for crimes the prosecutors cannot prove because they never happened. 

4.  With the death of Eileen DiNino, 55, of Reading, we learned that Pennsylvania is locking up poor women for small fines having to do with truant children. How many of them die behind bars? Some inmate murders are covered-up in American jails and prisons. See the "Wrongful Death of Larry Neal" website for a sample. See also Jerome Murdough's story. He was murdered by baking in Riker's Island Jail, and no prison officials or city and state officials reported his demise to his family. They would never have known if it had not been for Associated Press (AP), which spilled the baked beans when a reporter called Murdough's relatives and asked for a statement six weeks after his wrongful death. Unfortunately for Murdough's family, they are represented in their civil action against New York by The Cochran Firm frauds who are often sued for malpractice, racism, and fraud by its former clients and attorneys alike.

5.  Terrell Scott went to a hearing today on the false allegations that he ignored probation appointments. The first two appointments were for dates before Scott was released from prison, and the third appointment was for a date when Scott was committed to a mental hospital, which commitment Pennsylvania knew about. Police with hands on Tasers walked in the mental institution last week and demanded that Scott come with them back to prison. They removed Scott from his treatment for PTSD, which he experienced after having spent nearly five years in torturous prison conditions. Scott also faced charges for failing to take a sexual predator assessment test that the prison never administered to him - as though it is Scott's fault the state could not find a psychiatrist to skew the test results and therefore did not administer it.

6.  Terrell Scott's attorney, Glennis L Clark, Esq., did not bother to show up for his client's hearing. I suppose Clark seeks to save his "good name" and not get more entangled in the persecution of Terrell Scott than he already is. Phil Lauer, Scott's attorney who tricked Scott into waiving his right to a speedy trial, should have made a similar decision. Instead, Lauer stayed in the picture to ask for continuances when Pennsylvania had trial dates for Scott.

7.  Pennsylvania plans another gag-non hearing for Scott in two weeks. Meanwhile, Scott is in the general population at the prison rather than in his mental hospital from which  Pennsylvania removed him and deprived him of treatment he needs and deserves after the torture he endured for five years in prison. Officials should see that nothing happens to Scott that is declared to be "NOT SUSPICIOUS" before an investigation is done. That happened to the debtors prison victim, Eileen DiNino, although her cause of death is still undetermined.

8.  Social deviants have thrown caution to the wind while the nation has a Justice Department that abdicated its responsibility to guarantee justice and human rights for disabled Americans and institutionalized people like Larry Neal, Jerome Murdough, and Eileen DiNino, who were treated like "refugees" left over from slavery and NOT citizens. Please call and email the USDOJ at and (202)514.2000.

9.  Terrell Scott told his mother he cannot take much more of this. It appears that Pennsylvania has been trying to make Terrell suicidal for some time. Terrell's probation officer, who has only talked to him once or twice, claimed to the hearing officer (who was not a judge) that Terrell should be imprisoned because he is a danger to self and others. Obviously he believes prisons are the preferred place for mentally ill people, not hospitals like the one from which Pennsylvania removed Scott. The probation officer also claimed that Scott refuses to take his psychiatric meds, which Scott disputed. The probation officer apparently sees himself as an omnipresent being who presumes to know if Scott takes his meds minus a blood test. That may be why most states use professionals to give psychological evaluations rather than probation officers. 

10. We begin to wonder who needs Terrell's organs. They would be smart to pursue another donor. The Oklahoma Department of Corrections kept the heart and larynx of Clayton Lockett, the torture/execution victim. Lockett's organs were not useful as transplants, being full of mystery execution drugs. They are probably somebody's trophies today. When black men were lynched in America years ago, the killers would occasionally skin their victims and use the skin to make belts, purses, and other useful things. Lynchings usually followed accusations of miscegenation, which is the likely reason for Scott's prosecution - not molestation or probation violations that never happened.

11. Neither overdue bills nor miscegenation or mental illness are punishable by imprisonment today. It is unfortunate for Eileen DiNino and Terrell Scott that socially deviant prison investors in Pennsylvania do not acknowledge that. This writer believes it is the duty of the USDOJ to remind them of that fact on behalf of these dead and abused prisoners as well as other citizens behind bars in Pennsylvania for small fines and the state's residents who have mental disabilities.

12. Hear Dr. Jean Kennedy, an organizational psychologist, discuss DEBTORS PRISONS taped on June 30, 2014 at Blogtalkradio. She continues her presentation on July 7 at 9pm PDT on the Human Rights for Prisoners March broadcast. Please listen to both broadcasts at your convenience.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Free Your Slaves, Pennsylvania: Terrell Scott and His Family

Holly Alston just received a call from her persecuted mentally ill son, Terrell Scott. He informed his mother that he will have a hearing tomorrow in an attempt for prison investors to re-incarcerate him for missing three probation appointments and failure to take a sexual offender assessment test. TERRELL SCOTT WAS STILL IN PRISON DURING TWO OF THE "MISSED" PROBATION APPOINTMENTS AND COMMITTED TO A MENTAL HOSPITAL ON THE THIRD. Secondly, how can any accused person take a test or be responsible for not taking a test that was never administered by prison officials who had him in custody for 4.5 years with trial denied?

Pennsylvania is the state where veteran judges were convicted for working against innocent children to remand them to private prisons in return for $2.6 million from the private prison owners. Pennsylvania State University is where children were sexually assaulted on a regular bases while the assaults were covered up by university officials. Pennsylvania's corruption has now turned its full demonic weight on Holly Alston's family, especially Terrell Scott.

Scott is an innocent black man who was held without trial nearly five years on false allegations because he refused to forego his right to a trial and accept responsibility for molesting children who he actually saved from their abusive, negligent mother. Scott reported Crystal's abuse to Children's Protective Services. Chrystal retaliated months after her children were removed from her custody by falsely accusing Terrell Scott of harming her daughters. Pennsylvania then pounced on Terrell Scott with false molestation charges that prosecutors knew were too weak to stand up in court, so they simply did not allow Scott a trial. At the time when Terrell Scott gave up hope of ever getting a trial, his attorney and prosecutor planned to deny him a trial forever by committing him to a mental hospital. Therefore, Scott finally agreed to plea bargain on the false charges to win prison release.

America's justice system is corrupt from the TOP, and that is why Pennsylvania continues to deny citizens' rights, concentrating its abuse on the most vulnerable: children and the mentally ill. The U.S. Department of Justice (USDOJ) has a duty to protect institutionalized persons like Terrell Scott and my murdered brother, Larry Neal. But too often, the USDOJ is party to the abuse by its inactivity or its outright complicity. Police and corrections officers regularly overuse force against mentally challenged people, and court officials like those in Pennsylvania abuse their power over innocent people like Terrell Scott because of the Justice Department's abdication of responsibility and because of American citizens' apathy.

Holly Alston is a mother who recently had a heart attack suffering from Legal Abuse Syndrome (LAS) that Pennsylvania caused her as the State continually tries to wrestle her sons from her arms like she is a slave woman. See Alston and two of her four sons below, Terrell and Kai. FREE THE SLAVES, PENNSYLVANIA!

Love ye one another like I have loved you. ~Jesus Christ.

On Google+, Holly Alston is +urgirl holly 

Thanks for participating in the "Human Rights for Prisoners March" across the Internet to 
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Human Rights for Prisoners March
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Demand that Pennsylvania free its slave who was wrongly imprisoned and tortured for five years, Terrell Scott.

Monday, June 9, 2014

They Lie Liberally to Keep Blacks Impoverished and Enslaved

With a nation filled with progressive, rich, white liberals and educated blacks in positions over government and in major corporations, why are African Americans still an underclass over 150 years after slavery ended? Is it because blacks are ignorant and lazy and criminal, or is it because white liberals and progressive blacks are FAKES? I submit to you that the issue is hypocrisy. That is also why there are still avoidable wars, mass incarceration, and poverty. See "The Cochran Firm Fraud Trail Leads to White Liberals"

White liberals continually bestow prestigious awards on Hesikiah Sistrunk, Esq., a traitor to black people, to preserve the false appearance that The Cochran Firm is an exemplary law firm, although it is really a CoIntelPro-like racketeering organization that is engaged in double-crossing its own clients to protect government agencies and major corporations from its clients' lawsuits. The Cochran Firm was sued repeatedly by its former partners and lawyers as well as a law firm that worked with the unethical Cochran Firm lawyers on a case. They sue for fraud and racism, and former clients entered numerous lawsuits for malpractice and fraud against The Cochran Firm. 

The Cochran Firm advertises itself as being a single law firm with 30 offices nationwide, but when former clients sue, The Cochran Firm disclaims any association between the law offices that bear its name. That is deliberate fraud on the entire world. Courts and consumer protection agencies do zero to stop The Cochran Firm, because they do most of the frauds against clients who bring suit against government agencies. White liberals and black hypocrites wish to maintain the illusion that The Cochran Firm works for its clients' interests so that the racketeers can continue to throw the fights regarding deaths by police, prisoner abuse, environmental racism and other offenses experienced by its mostly black clients.

The Cochran Firm even falsified its clients' signatures on a settlement agreement, and California courts REFUSED to hear the lawsuit the class of defrauded former clients entered against The Cochran Firm frauds. What reputable legal organizations would continue to give awards to lawyers who do such crimes against its clients on a regular basis? White liberals and black sell-outs do. See the article at the link above for details. KNOW that especially if you are an African American, you have NO FRIENDS in any major civil and human rights organizations in these United States. To believe that you do is evidence of MASS HYPNOSIS.

If you find that hard to believe, require that so-called liberal candidates show the public their stock portfolios to see their private prison stockholdings and stocks that perform well during military conflicts - the African Americans, too.

Mass Hypnosis

This is how we'll win the game
Let just a few live the dream
Marches, sit-ins all in vain
Make 'em think they overcame

Show 'em an empty Jim Crowe grave
Apologize for making 'em slaves
Rising tempers, we must tame
Make 'em think they overcame.

Let a few experience success
Toms come aboard and control the rest
Millions will be left in pain
But they'll think they overcame.

("Mass Hypnosis" - All rights reserved by Mary Neal 11/13/10) See

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mass Incarceration is Eugenics

Eugenics (population control) targets black people through homosexuality, abortions, and imprisonment. The eugenicists' objective is to push #homosexuality onto African American youths through advertising and by rewarding gay black males with improved employment opportunities. For stubborn heterosexuals, 80% of the nation's #abortion clinics are in black communities. The quest to arrest blacks and keep them locked away in #prison throughout their young adulthood is also #eugenics. Imprisoned people are sexually segregated and do not have babies. Mass incarceration therefore supplies #slave labor and helps control the black population in America. Please watch this documentary again, right here, right now: MAAFA21

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Human Rights for Prisoners March
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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Johnny Strozier, Keeping It Real

Johnny Strozier was imprisoned for 46 years (1968 to 2013), with 15 years in solitary confinement. He began a life of crime at 6 years of age, when he and friends broke into an Atlanta warehouse and stole cigarettes for family members and candy. Strozier continued to break the rules until he converted to Christianity in the 1980's. He talked about what it felt like to be a free adult for the very first time on NNIA1:

After his conversion, Strozier no longer attacked prison guards, escaped from prison, and participated in prison gang activity. He was a changed man. Strozier received his high school diploma behind bars and became a certified cook. He completed numerous other courses and attended church services regularly. Strozier's first year out of prison since he was a child has been exciting and challenging. He works, learned how to use a cell phone, still attends church regularly, and plans to learn how to operate a computer. He encourages our young people to avoid incarceration. Strozier's formula for wholesome living is simple:

1) Start thinking right; 2) start acting right; and 3) you will have the right results.

Strozier's story proves that everyone can change, and we should help prisoners to change their lives for the better. Rehabilitation should be the main goal of prisons. There are no throwaway people. Listen to Mr. Strozier at the radio link above, and please share the broadcast for "HUMAN RIGHTS FOR PRISONERS MARCH," taped June 2, 2014.

Stalkers attacked my shows at +BlogTalkRadio and removed two of my recurring shows:
1) MaryLovesJustice Prayer Meeting, and
2) Human Rights for Prisoners March

I wondered what the point was until I noticed that when I had to again post "Human Rights for Prisoners March," stalkers gave us a link with a "1" at the end. That way, the broadcast carrying Mr. Strozier's story will not match other "Human Rights for Prisoners March" shows recorded at Blogtalkradio. The other shows all have the exact same link, except the date changes automatically each week. Ask yourself why stalkers might conspire to prevent easy access to Mr. Strozier's uplifting story.

Could the stalkers be PRISON INVESTORS who want us to believe that there is no chance of rehabilitating prisoners and restoring them to wholesome lives? Like Mr. Strozier, I am also taking classes and praying. I am presently enrolled in the American Institute of Human Rights for the Human Rights Defender course. After 16 weeks of computer classes, Human Rights Defender candidates will train with International Human Rights Lawyers for six months. Stalkers destroyed my computer Sunday, necessitating that I purchase another one out of meager funds to continue my courses and online advocacy.

One day I plan to use my training as a Human Rights Defender to present a complaint against the many freedom of press violations I endure in the United States, which activists experience continuously. I am "America's Most Censored - Mary Neal" Google that title to access my article listing reasons why the statement is true. For now, I simply publish the assaults on my right to freedom of expression, report them to the Internet companies where they occur and to government officials who allow and/or order the violations, and save proof that my freedom of press rights are seriously violated. (The United Nations asks what measures have been taken in member states to correct crimes against humanity before it accepts complaints. That is why I report the violations and NOT because I expect positive Change from lawless people.)

Ida B. Wells' freedom of press rights were not respected in the 1800s. She published an anti-lynching report in her Memphis newspaper after several of her friends were arrested and lynched for attempting to protect themselves against certain Caucasian men, who happened to be off-duty sheriff's deputies. After publishing her report, Wells left Memphis and never dared return, lest she also become a lynch mob victim. Wells made the right decision. A mob assembled at her newspaper office the following day when her report was distributed, and they completely destroyed it. 

Activists, especially African Americans, still have difficulty reporting the truth in the United States. One of my online ministers, Rev. Edward Pinkney, is currently under a gag order that restricts his freedom of press rights. He is the very first American to have been issued a gag order to prevent him from using the Internet. His "crime"? Not kiddie porn, cyberstalking, bank fraud through online services, or any other criminal activity having to do with the Internet, although thousands of people have been convicted of such crimes without losing their right to use the Internet. Rev. Pinkney is accused, but not convicted, of election fraud for sponsoring a successful petition (with handwritten signatures) to recall the mayor of Benton Harbor, Michigan.

Despite the continuous censorship and sabotage of my work product, we continue our Human Rights for Prisoners March across the Internet, demanding respect for all people. It was encouraging to hear from Mr. Strozier, who was released as a changed man in 2013 after having lived as a prisoner since 1968 - the year Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. We consider such testimony from a released prisoner plus the censorship that attacks his story as proof that our radio broadcasts have influence against mass incarceration, wrongful convictions, solitary confinement, capital punishment, and the fight for prisoners' rights as well as every American's human rights. See and share our radio schedules below.

Listen to shows at NNIA1, where we advocate for justice and human rights. Schedule:

"Power Concedes Nothing Without a Demand. It Never Did, and It Never Will." ~ Frederick Douglass. Please also listen to Johnny Strozier each Friday at 3pm EDT on our "Human Rights Demand" channel at Blogtalkradio. His show is called, "Johnny Dozier Keeping It Real." Please use this link for our schedule:

REPEAT OF PARAGRAPH 1: Johnny Strozier was imprisoned for 46 years (1968 to 2013), 15 years in solitary confinement. He began a life of crime at 6 years of age and continued to break the rules until he converted to Christianity in the 1980's.

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Human Rights for Prisoners March
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Monday, June 2, 2014

The Traffic Ticket-to-Prison Pipeline

From Dr. Jean Kennedy, a U.S. citizen and Jamaican immigrant, who was arrested in Smyrna, GA for not being able to pay her traffic ticket immediately. See her Notice of Claims attached at the link below her description:

My attorney, Erik Meder, Esq., did a profound job in outlining the details of my arrest on Feb 2014. You have my permission to use any parts of my information in the attachment (including newspapers that might wish to carrying my story). Feel free to contact my attorney at 678-556-0008; for any comments, please contact me at 559-270-1023.

I was fortunate to have an attorney, but I left behind four other black women crying in the holding cell we shared. They were arrested the same day that I was on traffic violations. They could not immediately pay their traffic tickets, like I couldn't, so we were all immediately arrested. Did those sistahs manage to make bail so they could go home to their children that day? I don't know. One thing I do know is that all four of our lives were seriously disrupted because paying fines immediately was not possible for any of us.

We are all victims -- the taxpayers who finance mass incarceration, those who get arrested, and those who have to pay a traffic ticket immediately to avoid arrest. Arresting people for their inability to pay traffic tickets on the spot is an attack on the indigent/poor. See my Notice of Claims at this link:

Dr. Jean Kennedy is an organizational psychologist and a radio host on National Network in Action at Blogtalkradio. She shared disturbing details about her first arrest out of concern for other Georgia drivers. 
Thank you for participating in the "Human Rights for Prisoners March" across the Internet to 
demand respect for all people.

Human Rights for Prisoners March
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