Saturday, August 6, 2016

Moreno, Wood, Moses, and Neal: Justice Delayed

My computer and modem were rabidly attacked recently to prevent my advocacy for justice in four cases:
1) Justice4LeonardMoreno - An 18-year-old  who has awaited trial for three years in solitary confinement in Arizona. Moreno had ADHA at age 15 when arrested and tortured, but his mom says he seems schizophrenic now and tried suicide recently. He is being tortured to enforce a plea bargain on false charges.
2) The battle to SaveJeffWood - a mentally challenged white man who is scheduled to be  on Aug. 24 under the law of parties, which means acknowledges that Wood killed nobody.
3) Justice for Pastor Jonas Moses - A minister who was set up on false child molestation charges in  as punishment for refusing to return a former church member's contributions. The church member is a white, male Caucasian and a corrections officer.

4) The secret arrest and wrongful death of my own mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal. The thirteenth anniversary of his slaying in Memphis Shelby County Jail was August 1, 2016, and hackers sought to prevent spread of information about this case of justice denied.

The stole my photo of Pastor Jonas Moses from my computer overnight. Today, I only saw mug shots of him at , but I could not find the photo of him in his study. Luckily, I saved that photo from Google Images last night and posted it at , where I was told by a  friend, Liz Smith, that my interview with Moses's daughter, Jennifer, will not play. Hear Jennifer re Pastor Moses at or call (605)562.0029, code 992212650, Tape 67. (When I tried to play the interview on July 28, four days BEFORE his trial was scheduled to begin, I reached a black screen that said Blogtalkradio was offline for maintenance - see it on my G+ page).

Pastor Moses is a doctor of theology, a thoughtful, contemplative man with above-average intelligence. He loves his wife and claims that his hands only touched his own wife, certainly not juveniles in his church. No intelligent man would molest a girl who had already accused three men of molesting her and had them all imprisoned, like the foster girl declares. No intelligent man would molest the girlfriend of a boy whose father was in a heated battle to get his money back from the church. These are the two girls who were supposedly victimized by Pastor Moses.

Poor and working class people who are black, white, Latino, and Native American are NOT allowed to use the Internet in the USA to expose wrongful prosecution, wrongful convictions, solitary confinement torture, wrongful executions, police violence, and other crimes against humanity, , , and .

I suppose by August 25, the  might release their tenacious hold on my use, . By that time, Pastor Moses's trial should be over, Leonard Moreno will have had his scheduled court date, and Jeff Wood might be dead by . Tax money might be used to continue suppression of my testimony about the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal.

The U.S. Senate voted almost unanimously to draft girls for the military, Arlington National Cemetery plans expansion, and U.S. war ships were positioned near . U.S. women are expected to be required to fight for freedom and justice for all - people like Pastor Moses's daughter, Jennifer; Jeffrey Wood's sister, Terri Been; and family members of  teenager, Leonard Moreno. Thousands of black women are also expected to register for the draft, people who buried their brothers, fathers, sons, cousins, and uncles who were killed by unrequited police violence. These include women who are increasingly becoming police targets themselves.

The link to our Blogtalkradio show presenting Jennifer Moses-Smith discussing her father's wrongful prosecution is below. If you cannot hear it there, please use the link in the second paragraph above.

Average Americans, especially blacks, must use different media companies and facilitate personal relationships with local activists in order to effectively expose and oppose oppression. Unfortunately, Korryn Gaines, 23, who Baltimore police killed on August 1, 2016, primarily used two media companies, and police had Facebook to deactivate her account while she was killed and her young son was shot. Continue to publish your social media posts, but please add your voices to your concerns. Share your human rights petitions, news, and viewpoints with a diverse audience at "MaryLovesJustice Radio" broadcasts every night at 6:30pmEDT by calling (605)562-0020, code 992-212-650. 

Select broadcasts will be uploaded to our "Human Rights Demand" channel at Blogtalkradio. You will receive a link that carries your tape, and your tapes will be archived at both and at Blogtalkradio as well as in my Google cloud. Diversify, and HAVE YOUR SAY. I know from personal experience how hard it is to expose crimes against humanity in the USA; therefore, I created this media opportunity for you. No judge will keep certain testimony and evidence out of our court of public opinion. I look forward to speaking with you on these nightly broadcasts for an indefinite period.
Thanks for participating in the "Human Rights for Prisoners March" across the Internet to demand respect for all people. All lives matter.
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