Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Free Your Slaves, Pennsylvania: Terrell Scott and His Family

Holly Alston just received a call from her persecuted mentally ill son, Terrell Scott. He informed his mother that he will have a hearing tomorrow in an attempt for prison investors to re-incarcerate him for missing three probation appointments and failure to take a sexual offender assessment test. TERRELL SCOTT WAS STILL IN PRISON DURING TWO OF THE "MISSED" PROBATION APPOINTMENTS AND COMMITTED TO A MENTAL HOSPITAL ON THE THIRD. Secondly, how can any accused person take a test or be responsible for not taking a test that was never administered by prison officials who had him in custody for 4.5 years with trial denied?

Pennsylvania is the state where veteran judges were convicted for working against innocent children to remand them to private prisons in return for $2.6 million from the private prison owners. Pennsylvania State University is where children were sexually assaulted on a regular bases while the assaults were covered up by university officials. Pennsylvania's corruption has now turned its full demonic weight on Holly Alston's family, especially Terrell Scott.

Scott is an innocent black man who was held without trial nearly five years on false allegations because he refused to forego his right to a trial and accept responsibility for molesting children who he actually saved from their abusive, negligent mother. Scott reported Crystal's abuse to Children's Protective Services. Chrystal retaliated months after her children were removed from her custody by falsely accusing Terrell Scott of harming her daughters. Pennsylvania then pounced on Terrell Scott with false molestation charges that prosecutors knew were too weak to stand up in court, so they simply did not allow Scott a trial. At the time when Terrell Scott gave up hope of ever getting a trial, his attorney and prosecutor planned to deny him a trial forever by committing him to a mental hospital. Therefore, Scott finally agreed to plea bargain on the false charges to win prison release.

America's justice system is corrupt from the TOP, and that is why Pennsylvania continues to deny citizens' rights, concentrating its abuse on the most vulnerable: children and the mentally ill. The U.S. Department of Justice (USDOJ) has a duty to protect institutionalized persons like Terrell Scott and my murdered brother, Larry Neal. But too often, the USDOJ is party to the abuse by its inactivity or its outright complicity. Police and corrections officers regularly overuse force against mentally challenged people, and court officials like those in Pennsylvania abuse their power over innocent people like Terrell Scott because of the Justice Department's abdication of responsibility and because of American citizens' apathy.

Holly Alston is a mother who recently had a heart attack suffering from Legal Abuse Syndrome (LAS) that Pennsylvania caused her as the State continually tries to wrestle her sons from her arms like she is a slave woman. See Alston and two of her four sons below, Terrell and Kai. FREE THE SLAVES, PENNSYLVANIA!

Love ye one another like I have loved you. ~Jesus Christ.

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  1. Terrell Scott was never administered a sexual predator assessment test by the State of Pennsylvania precisely because the State knows Terrell Scott is NOT a sexual predator.