Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pay Bond to Avoid Indefinite Detention

WARNING FOR FAMILIES OF AFRICAN AMERICANS AND MENTALLY ILL PEOPLE UNDER ARREST. The system has started holding blacks and mentally ill people indefinitely without trials. Do not make getting a lawyer your first priority. PAY THE BOND, or your relative may be denied trial. If you pay the bond, the justice system must set a trial date. If you lack funds to retain an attorney plus make bond, paying the bond should be your primary objective. Otherwise, if your attorney chooses to work with the prosecutors against your relative, you will have spent your money for an unethical defense attorney plus be denied trial forever. Your relative may then be tortured in solitary confinement, beaten, raped, and otherwise abused to force him/her to sign a plea bargain on false criminal charges. 

Your first order of business must be to rescue your loved one from their clutches. Once your relative is released on bond, the system must set a trial date, because the bonding company will require a return of the bond. The system respects corporations but certainly not liberty and justice or the Constitution, which falsely claims that Americans have a right to speedy trial under the Sixth Amendment. The Constitution is not respected or upheld in the American justice system. Corrupt defense attorneys can trick your relative into signing a waiver to speedy trial, especially if he/she is very young or mentally ill. Corrupt defense attorneys can also refuse every court date offered and ask for continuances for years, even without a waiver to speedy trial. The only way your relative might be given a trial, especially if the prosecutor has a weak case, is if you bond him/her out of jail. Otherwise, torture is used to force a plea deal, which saves the prosecutors from losing in court. Corrupt defense attorneys and prosecutors may then split a "finder's fee" from prison investors plus keep your retainer.

Thank you for your attention to this advice. Believe me - they will keep your loved ones in torturous solitary confinement for YEARS without trial, and your relatives' proof of actual innocence will never be brought before a court. Stop thinking that everyone in prison is guilty. Legal professionals estimate that between 5,000 and 10,000 people are wrongfully convicted people per year, and they should know. GET YOUR RELATIVES OUT ON BOND BEFORE RETAINING AN ATTORNEY, even if you have to use a court-appointed lawyer because you spent everything on the bond. PAYING BOND IS THE ONLY WAY YOU ARE LIKELY TO GET A TRIAL DATE IN AMERICA, ESPECIALLY IF PROSECUTORS KNOW YOUR RELATIVE CAN PROVE INNOCENCE. God bless you. Below are some cases proving that trials are denied to force plea bargains:

Justice for Shannon Nyamodi Telephone Campaign
Shannon Nyamodi was transferred away from Franklin County, NC Jail where he was kept in torturous solitary confinement for most of two years. He immediately wrote a letter and filed it with the court firing his lawyer, Mike Klinkosum. Shannon and his family looked forward to finally getting an ethical defense attorney and going to trial. Within two weeks, Shannon was transferred back to Franklin County Jail, where he had been tortured and denied trial for years, and Klinkosum presented a plea deal he said Shannon signed. There was never a court date or even a hearing regarding the plea. We must wait to see what was done to Shannon to force the plea deal besides exposing the youth to the trauma of being transferred back to the torturous jail after the youth and his family thought that chapter of his life was closed.

Terrell Scott Too "Crazy for Trial" But Competent for Plea Deal
Terrell Scott maintained his innocence for nearly five years. The mentally ill youth was beaten, raped, exposed to HIV, and held in torturous solitary confinement. His attorney and prosecutor worked to prevent Scott's case from going to trial. After Scott finally agreed to plea bargain, he was finally deemed "competent," and was released from prison. Scott's plea bargaining left the charges against him on record. Scott and his family have been persecuted ever since his prison release. They experienced only one happy night together as a family after Scott's release before the persecution began. Officers of the court recognize their clear liability for what happened to Scott, and the system attacked him and his family viciously. Now Scott's mother has had a heart attack and Scott threatens suicide - all within two months. We interviewed his mother, Holly Alston, on the "Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill" Blogtalkradio broadcast last Wednesday. Listen at this link:

Two Mississippi Inmates Are Still Awaiting Trial After 7 and 8 Years
The U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to a speedy trial, but two men in Mississippi are still waiting for trials after 7 and 8 years. The two black inmates, Marktain Kilpatrick Simmons, 43 and Lee Vernel Knight, 47, both have mental issues and have been waiting years for a their day in court. Both Simmons and Knight are being held at the Hinds County Detention Center.

Do not leave your relatives in jail if you can pay the bond, especially if they are innocent. One way for prosecutors to avoid loosing the cases is to deny trials. There are many other cases like the three above. Pay the bond to avoid indefinite detention without trials under torturous conditions. There is no justice, so do not expect it. Prison profiteering has spread throughout the justice system like an airborne disease. 

Thank you for participating in the "Human Rights for Prisoners March" across the Internet to
demand respect for all people.

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  1. We are taking human rights defender courses from the American Institute of Human Rights, where Dr. Mustafa Ansari is dean, to prepare to take such crimes against humanity as those discussed in this article before the United Nations. In the meanwhile, all I can do is offer advice. PAY THE BOND.