Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Johnny Strozier, Keeping It Real

Johnny Strozier was imprisoned for 46 years (1968 to 2013), with 15 years in solitary confinement. He began a life of crime at 6 years of age, when he and friends broke into an Atlanta warehouse and stole cigarettes for family members and candy. Strozier continued to break the rules until he converted to Christianity in the 1980's. He talked about what it felt like to be a free adult for the very first time on NNIA1:

After his conversion, Strozier no longer attacked prison guards, escaped from prison, and participated in prison gang activity. He was a changed man. Strozier received his high school diploma behind bars and became a certified cook. He completed numerous other courses and attended church services regularly. Strozier's first year out of prison since he was a child has been exciting and challenging. He works, learned how to use a cell phone, still attends church regularly, and plans to learn how to operate a computer. He encourages our young people to avoid incarceration. Strozier's formula for wholesome living is simple:

1) Start thinking right; 2) start acting right; and 3) you will have the right results.

Strozier's story proves that everyone can change, and we should help prisoners to change their lives for the better. Rehabilitation should be the main goal of prisons. There are no throwaway people. Listen to Mr. Strozier at the radio link above, and please share the broadcast for "HUMAN RIGHTS FOR PRISONERS MARCH," taped June 2, 2014.

Stalkers attacked my shows at +BlogTalkRadio and removed two of my recurring shows:
1) MaryLovesJustice Prayer Meeting, and
2) Human Rights for Prisoners March

I wondered what the point was until I noticed that when I had to again post "Human Rights for Prisoners March," stalkers gave us a link with a "1" at the end. That way, the broadcast carrying Mr. Strozier's story will not match other "Human Rights for Prisoners March" shows recorded at Blogtalkradio. The other shows all have the exact same link, except the date changes automatically each week. Ask yourself why stalkers might conspire to prevent easy access to Mr. Strozier's uplifting story.

Could the stalkers be PRISON INVESTORS who want us to believe that there is no chance of rehabilitating prisoners and restoring them to wholesome lives? Like Mr. Strozier, I am also taking classes and praying. I am presently enrolled in the American Institute of Human Rights for the Human Rights Defender course. After 16 weeks of computer classes, Human Rights Defender candidates will train with International Human Rights Lawyers for six months. Stalkers destroyed my computer Sunday, necessitating that I purchase another one out of meager funds to continue my courses and online advocacy.

One day I plan to use my training as a Human Rights Defender to present a complaint against the many freedom of press violations I endure in the United States, which activists experience continuously. I am "America's Most Censored - Mary Neal" Google that title to access my article listing reasons why the statement is true. For now, I simply publish the assaults on my right to freedom of expression, report them to the Internet companies where they occur and to government officials who allow and/or order the violations, and save proof that my freedom of press rights are seriously violated. (The United Nations asks what measures have been taken in member states to correct crimes against humanity before it accepts complaints. That is why I report the violations and NOT because I expect positive Change from lawless people.)

Ida B. Wells' freedom of press rights were not respected in the 1800s. She published an anti-lynching report in her Memphis newspaper after several of her friends were arrested and lynched for attempting to protect themselves against certain Caucasian men, who happened to be off-duty sheriff's deputies. After publishing her report, Wells left Memphis and never dared return, lest she also become a lynch mob victim. Wells made the right decision. A mob assembled at her newspaper office the following day when her report was distributed, and they completely destroyed it. 

Activists, especially African Americans, still have difficulty reporting the truth in the United States. One of my online ministers, Rev. Edward Pinkney, is currently under a gag order that restricts his freedom of press rights. He is the very first American to have been issued a gag order to prevent him from using the Internet. His "crime"? Not kiddie porn, cyberstalking, bank fraud through online services, or any other criminal activity having to do with the Internet, although thousands of people have been convicted of such crimes without losing their right to use the Internet. Rev. Pinkney is accused, but not convicted, of election fraud for sponsoring a successful petition (with handwritten signatures) to recall the mayor of Benton Harbor, Michigan.

Despite the continuous censorship and sabotage of my work product, we continue our Human Rights for Prisoners March across the Internet, demanding respect for all people. It was encouraging to hear from Mr. Strozier, who was released as a changed man in 2013 after having lived as a prisoner since 1968 - the year Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. We consider such testimony from a released prisoner plus the censorship that attacks his story as proof that our radio broadcasts have influence against mass incarceration, wrongful convictions, solitary confinement, capital punishment, and the fight for prisoners' rights as well as every American's human rights. See and share our radio schedules below.

Listen to shows at NNIA1, where we advocate for justice and human rights. Schedule: 

"Power Concedes Nothing Without a Demand. It Never Did, and It Never Will." ~ Frederick Douglass. Please also listen to Johnny Strozier each Friday at 3pm EDT on our "Human Rights Demand" channel at Blogtalkradio. His show is called, "Johnny Dozier Keeping It Real." Please use this link for our schedule:

REPEAT OF PARAGRAPH 1: Johnny Strozier was imprisoned for 46 years (1968 to 2013), 15 years in solitary confinement. He began a life of crime at 6 years of age and continued to break the rules until he converted to Christianity in the 1980's.

Thanks for participating in the "Human Rights for Prisoners March" across the Internet to 
demand respect for all people.

Human Rights for Prisoners March
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Mary Neal, director

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