Thursday, December 19, 2013

VA Parents Race Mixing Punished: Son Gets Six Life Sentences

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Parents' Race Mixing Gets Interracial Son Six Life Sentences
Virginia taxpayers were sentenced to paying for six life sentences to enslave a 15-year-old boy who followed two men into a robbery. They robbed a party of teens and 20-somethings. No injuries, no physical assaults. The men involved in the robbery received sentences of 10 to 13 years, while the child received six life sentences.
David Nichols VA robber - 10 or 13 yrs
Morris “Mo” Downing VA robber - 10 or 13 yrs
Travion Blount - exploited child robber in VA - received six life sentences (probably because he is half-white; race mixing is discouraged in VA).
Below is a photo of Blount and his father, with whom he spent his weekends as a little boy.

Unfortunately, neither of Blount's parents are wealthy. A wealthy youth, Ethan Couch, got drunk and murdered four people and seriously injured two others in a drunk driving incident, and he was sentenced to a luxury resort and gained international fame. See him posing at his photo shoot below, a poor little rich kid who suffers from a disorder that affects many of America's bankers and corrupt politicians: Affluenza.

Couch's victims are pictured below: Hollie Boyles, 52, Shelby Boyles, 21, Brian Jennings, 41, and Breanna Mitchell, 24

The Family of One of the Victims Who Was Paralyzed by Ethan Couch
Is Seeking $20 Million Dollars in a Lawsuit.

See below the people that Travion Blount hurt during his robbery: NOBODY. But this interracial child got six life sentences for a robbery while Ethan Couch, who killed four people and seriously wounded two others, got a resort vacation. Regular people must understand that millionaire Ethan has to sow his wild oats.

Ethan Couch was continuing a family tradition which is common for the American "gentry" - the rich get away with crimes while the poor go to prison or the graveyard. Wikipedia reports, "Ethan’s father is Fred Couch, owner of Cleburne Metal Works, which has approximately 30 employees and a yearly turnover estimated at $15 million. His mother is Tonya Couch. They were divorced in 2007. Ethan’s parents both have had incidents with the law, publicized in the media following their son's conviction, but have never served any time in prison. Ethan's father has been charged with criminal mischief, theft by check and assault, but these charges were dismissed. Ethan’s mother was sentenced to a $500 fine and a six month community supervision order for reckless driving.
Privilege, Classism and Affluenza: Will Karma eventually find Ethan Couch?
Wikipedia - Ethan Couch

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