Tuesday, November 26, 2013

European Explorers and Prison Investors: USERS

Where we walk to school each day,
Indigenous children used to play -
All about their native land,
Where the shops and houses stand.

And the trees were very tall,
And there were no streets at all,
Not a church and not a steeple -
Only woods and Indigenous Peoples.

They welcomed us into their space,

And what we wanted, we did take.
We committed genocide,
And remaining natives are OCCUPIED*

Bro. David Alvarez speaks about the occupation that relegates many Indigenous Peoples to poverty and despair, withholds federal recognition of numerous tribes, and denies Native Americans the right to practice their religion and observe cultural customs in 21st century America. Hear the interview at the NNIA1 "Open Mic Night" Blogtalkradio show on November 23, 2013, at
(CoIntelPro apparently made the interview accessible again.)

Bro. James Cosner, a Native American author and college professor, was interviewed on November 26. We look forward to his new book, called "Look Inside - History's Keys for Unlocking Self-Empowerment and Global Change" (published by LuLu.com). Cosner shared a treasure trove of information about the history of North American Indigenous Peoples and European explorers, such as Christopher Columbus. He also spoke about modern political prisoners like Leonard Pelteir on our "Human Rights for Prisoners March" Blogtalkradio show. Cosner explained the predatory nature of prison investors, who are like European explorers of centuries ago. Listen, and please share the url.

This is our "Indigenous Peoples" week at NNIA1. We plan to bring you more interviews with indigenous peoples, including a West Papuan, who will expose a modern genocide and occupation that is happening now in the Indonesian area.

* Corrected language and last verse to famous folk poem were added by MaryLovesJustice: Replaced "Indian" with "Indigenous"; replaced "our native land" with "their native land."


Happy Indigenous Peoples Week, 2013!
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