Monday, July 20, 2015

Be Gone, Gullible People

Depopulating my social media pages: Will everybody who thinks this administration is doing a fine job PLEASE LEAVE MY FRIENDSHIP ROLES NOW. This administration withholds information and investigation regarding the secret arrest and "wrongful death of Larry Neal" (Google the website). It allows or does continuous attacks against my free speech rights. Before you think of another excuse for this administration, know that the jail where Larry was killed was under direct overview by the USDOJ following a lawsuit by the USA for inmate abuse, so Larry's protection was the fed's JOB, and so is investigating and prosecuting his murderers. This administration also stopped the release of thousands of black inmates by appealing the federal judge's ruling that the Fair Sentencing Act must be applied retroactively, then you dance in the streets over a few pardons. This administration signed NDAA, allowing indefinite detention of Americans without criminal charges and allowing detainees NO defense (the concentration camp bill). I don't care to be associated with such gullible people. Please leave now. I don't want to run into any of your brain-dead comments regarding this administration on my home pages ever again. I've tried for years not to say anything, but the stupidity of the statements I have to read from some of you have gotten ridiculous. You must be incurably ignorant or masochists. I want to be associated only with persons who have a healthy attitude of self-respect, who demand liberty and justice for ALL. Remove your friendship from the following social media sites: Care2, Google+, Facebook, Twitter. We have nothing in common. "What's she talking about?" new friends may ask. See "Rally Against Deaths in Custody" IF "THEY" LET YOU.

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