Thursday, April 30, 2015

Outside Agitators in Baltimore

You Will Be Surprised Who the Outside Agitators Really Are in Baltimore

On Monday, the country watched as a band of outside agitators descended on the streets of Baltimore, attacked locals with blunt force, intimidated innocent bystanders, and even threw rocks at native residents. Every day, these gun-toting rogues come from as far as New Jersey and Pennsylvania to intimidate the good people of Baltimore, forcing communities to cower under the threat of violence. The agitators are known for their menacing dark blue garb, hostile behavior and gangland-style codes of secrecy and silence. Though many of these ruffians have attempted to conceal their identities from their victims, they can be easily spotted by the badges that signify membership in the widely feared Baltimore Police Department.

According to data posted on the city of Baltimore’s OpenBaltimore website in 2012, over 70 percent of Baltimore Police Department officers live outside city limits, with at least 10 percent living over state lines, in places as far away as New Jersey and Pennsylvania. By contrast, almost all of those arrested in ongoing protests sparked by the police killing of the unarmed Baltimorean Freddie Gray reside firmly within the city. These facts were apparently lost on Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake when she blamed “outside forces” for all the looting of local businesses and attacks on cops. Similarly, the Baltimore Police Department claimed that “outside agitators continue to be the instigators behind acts of violence and destruction,” even as it conceded in the same statement that “the vast majority of arrests reflect local residency.” No evidence of outside agitation was produced by the mayor or the police, and none was demanded by much of the media covering the ongoing troubles.

This week’s scenes of mostly white cops battling the African-American youth of Baltimore captured a legacy of . . . Continue reading at AlterNet

According to one media report, "THUGS" is the new N-word in Baltimore. The Rev. Jamal Bryant drew the comparison Wednesday morning on CNN. The U.S. President and Baltimore's mayor are wrong, he said. "These are not thugs, these are upset and frustrated children."

Protesters in Baltimore are being called thugs and thieves because of rioting and looting. Yet, nobody in positions of responsibility who are using these harsh terms offer recourse or a plan for justice. On the contrary, the latest news reports say that Freddie Gray, whose death in custody sparked the riots, killed himself. Young Blacks have been accused of doing suicides in custody frequently of late, including men who had been searched twice and double handcuffed behind their backs. Amazing contortionists who were apparently desperate to kill themselves included Chavis Carter, 21, Philip White, 32, and Victor White, III, 22.  Read more about these young Houdinis at CNN:

Baltimore has a history of racially motivated riots. Interestingly, they all happen in April. These photos show three from 1861 to 2015. Riots do not help combat systemic racism. We must Boycott4Justice.

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