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Georgia vs. Malik Davis, 17, in Child Killing

GEORGIA vs. MALIK DAVIS on "Human Rights for Prisoners March" show September 15, 2014, at 9pm EDT at Blogtalkradio. Malik Davis, 17, faces murder charges in the shooting death of 13-year-old Nizzear Rodriguez while the youngster slept at home in his own bed at 2:00am. Malik's mother raised serious questions about the police investigation during our previous two interviews. Friday was Malik's preliminary hearing date, and witnesses changed their stories - again. Nobody mentioned the JonBenét Ramsey-like moving of the dead child's body, which his family did in the approximate 10 hours between the boy's death and the time when police were called. Malik's prosecution is based solely on the witnesses' testimony, but their testimony changes continuously, according to Latasha, Malik's mother. Call-in to ask questions or comment at (818) 572-2947. Listen to the live show or the archived broadcast at your convenience by using the first of three links in this article:

A previous interview with Latasha, Malik's mother, occurred on September 6, 2014.

Malik's parents complained about the apparent one-sidedness of media reports as of September 2, 2014, the date of our first interview with Malik's mother. It is archived at Blogtalkradio on the HUMAN RIGHTS DEMAND channel (hear interview #2 on this tape):

For Latasha Montgomery, her son's preliminary hearing raised more questions than it answered. Latasha Montgomery asks the fourteen(14) questions below about the murder of Rodriguez:

1) A male witness claims he gave Malik a ride to Bruster Lake, the subdivision where Rodriguez lived. He claimed that Malik had a gun which he put on his leg. Malik's mother said her son would not ride with this witness anyplace, because he and Malik don't like each other. Where and what time was Malik supposedly picked up by this witness?

2) Ken Weeks, another witness, claims that he and a young woman were riding together in a car. He said he asked the driver to take him someplace, and the young woman allegedly said she had to pick up somebody. That somebody seems to have been Malik. Weeks also testified that he and Malik were supposed to go meet some women. So who really arranged to pick Malik up - was it the driver (who said she had to pick up someone) or was it Weeks? Since Weeks testified that he and Malik were planning to "get with some women," apparently, this was a prearranged engagement. When did Weeks and Malik plan to meet some women? Who are the women? Have any women testified that they had dates with Weeks and Malik? Have any phone records been checked to see if Weeks and Malik communicated that day or that week. The female driver also supposedly had a prearranged date to pick up Malik. Malik was not at home. At what point did Malik communicate with the driver to tell her from where to pick him up? Where did this couple supposedly pick up Malik? 

3) Was it not strange to Weeks and the young woman driving the car if Malik asked to stop at Rodriguez's home, as Weeks testified? Weeks then said the door was open at Rodriguez's house in a dangerous neighborhood at 2:00 a.m. and that he and Malik just waltzed in unannounced and uninvited. He claimed that Malik went upstairs, and Weeks heard a "boom." Then they left. What explanation did Malik supposedly give for the "boom" when he came back downstairs? Where did the threesome go when they left Rodriguez's home?

4) Two witnesses (an adult and a juvenile) claim to have seen Malik go into the backyard of the home where Roriguez lived around the time of Rodriguez's murder. They 
claim they saw Malik when they were walking down the street. How far away were these witnesses? At 1:00 a.m. or 2:00 a.m., it was dark, and Malik is dark-skinned. How could they discern Malik's features in the dark from a distance, since the street has no street lights? Why did these two witnesses not mention seeing Weeks with Malik and the two men emerging from a car driven by the female driver? They allegedly said they saw Malik go around to the back of Rodriguez's home "carrying a black bag" and not ever emerging from behind the house. The prosecutors' witnesses (the two walkers and Weeks) seem to be telling conflicting stories. Why is that?

5) Have cell phone records been checked to verify that any of the State's witnesses were actually in contact with Malik Davis on that fateful night?

6) Why did Rodriguez's family wait 10 hours to call police after he was fatally shot?

7) Why was Rodriguez's body moved by his family member from his bed and taken for a drive before police were called?

8) Where is the family's gun? Has it been checked for a possible ballistics match?

9) Why was Malik's cousin allowed in Rodriguez's bedroom with a detective after Rodriguez's room was considered a crime scene? Why was Malik's cousin allowed to retrieve the bullet shell and give it to the detective? When was the crime scene secured, if it ever was?

10) How did police determine that Rodriguez had been dead since 1:00 a.m. or 2:00 a.m. when police arrived that afternoon? 

11) Rodriguez's cousin admitted moving Rodriguez's body and taking it for a drive before calling police. Supposedly, Rodriguez's body was moved to the car and taken for a short drive because he was still alive at the time. If Rodriguez was considered to be still alive at the time his cousin moved his body, why had Rodriguez's grandmother already been called at work by a family member and told that Rodriguez was dead? What time did the grandmother get the call saying her grandson was dead? Have phone records been checked to collaborate that phone call or any phone calls to/from the home around the time of Rodriguez's murder and during the 10 hours before police were called?

12) Why was Rodriguez's father released from prison the day after his son's death despite having two more years to serve on his sentence?

13) Why has the autopsy report on Rodriguez not been completed yet?

14) What is the real motive behind Nizzear Rodriguez's murder, and who did it? This murder was initially reported to have been over a robbery. A Playstation gaming system was reported to have been stolen, but it was later found in the home. Where was the Playstation found? When was it moved, presumably from Rodriguez's room, and who had moved it?

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