Sunday, August 10, 2014

LA Prosecutor Samuel D'Aquilla Website Open for Comments

Samuel D'Aquilla is up for re-election. He is the Louisiana prosecutor who brought a new conviction against former Black Panther Party member Herman Wallace while Wallace was on his deathbed. Wallace was released from Angola Prison where he spent 43 years in solitary confinement as part of the Angola 3, but he lived only three days as a "free" man. Someone uses D'Aquilla's former website to question his integrity. The website welcomes public comments.

When people do not renew their contracts with website hosts, their website names are sometimes sold. Apparently this is what happened with Louisiana Prosecutor Samuel D'Aquilla's website. Since election day is coming soon and D'Aquilla has an opponent for his position, this could not have happened at a worse time. There is no telling what comments people will publish on D'Aquilla's former website, and the information already provided by the new website owner is not at all flattering. He/she claims that D'Aquilla is trying to find out now who the new owner is.

Two (2) References:
Wallace indicted again in killing of Angola guard in 1972

After 4 Decades in Solitary, Dying Angola 3 Prisoner Herman Wallace Freed, Conviction Overturned

Samuel D'Aquilla, a Louisiana prosecutor


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  1. Who prosecutes a person on their death bed? Sick!

  2. I don't know who grabbed up his old website, but what they said about him was the absolute truth! I am a living witness!!! I pray that the people of the Felicianas will get stirred up,and vote, and return a true bill NOT to re-elect him this November, or anyone from his office.

  3. is the new site.

  4. Thank you, Katherinc. Sorry that Aquilla won the election. I don't trust voting machines that don't give receipts.