Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Robert "Cotton" Kirkland: Boulder County Jail Abuse

Above is a photo of Robert "Cotton" Kirkland upon his release from Boulder Co. Jail, Colorado. His right leg was broken and his left ankle was badly sprained. He must return to court in Boulder County on February 20, 2014, for a probation violation hearing. Kirkland invites concerned people to meet him there and report back if he is again arrested in the jail where he nearly died of shock after abuse but was denied medical treatment. Robert has filed a federal lawsuit against his arresting officers. The U.S. veteran did not take money out of his measly $600/mo income to pay probation fees related to the plea deal he agreed to sign in order to get released from jail and finally get medical attention for the injuries he suffered during his arrest. Robert said he was held eight days without medical care for his legs, which were hurt when he was arrested for making excessive noise.

You can read about Robert's abuse and Boulder County Jail in these two articles
1. Lawsuit: Boulder County Jail Deputies Broke Inmate's Leg

Former inmates report that Boulder County Jail maintains a "torture room" where inmates are placed in a restraint chair. There was no camera in that room until former inmates fought for it.

2. The Chair and the Camera

RADIO INTERVIEWS WITH VICTIMS - Robert Kirkland and Joshua David Johnson, another former inmate at Boulder County Jail, appeared on the "Human Rights for Prisoners March" Blogtalkradio program twice in February 2014. These men and Holly Alston, mother of a Pennsylvania inmate Terrell Scott, discussed torturous incarceration and enforced plea bargaining. The broadcasts are at the two links below:

Human Rights for Prisoners March (on "Human Rights Demand" channel) Sunday, Feb. 16
Human Rights for Prisoners March (on NNIA1 channel) on Monday, Feb. 17

Joshua David Johnson reported that at least 14 inmates died in recent years in Boulder County Jail, 13 of whom died under the present jail administration. Naturally, Kirkland is concerned about the possibility of being arrested again in Boulder County Jail after having filed a lawsuit against police officers for his brutal treatment. Joshua manages a Facebook site called "Torture in Boulder County Jail."

See entertainer Sean Levert being killed in a restraint chair like the one Boulder County Jail uses in the video embedded below and at YouTube


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