Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Prejudice Against Injustice

People are suddenly so racist that the president's approval rating is at 39%. I'm so prejudice against black officials (although I am black) that I think my brother's secret arrest and jailhouse lynching should be handled like any other murder, not covered up by the federal government. I do not believe any survivors should be targeted for Internet censorship and in-person stalking to keep a government murder secret. I believe no Freedom of Information Act requests should receive lies in response, particularly not from the Civil Rights Div. of the USDOJ, in order to protect murderous police officers. Google "Wrongful Death of Larry Neal."

I'm so prejudice against black officials that I object to drone planes, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement, indefinite detention in concentration camps for Americans under NDAA, NSA spying and CENSORSHIP, continuous wars, and economic deprivation of Americans, especially African Americans, whose teens experience 92% unemployment. I believe the Fair Sentencing Act should have been applied to ALL inmates retroactively, and that the judge's order to apply the Fair Sentencing Act retroactively should not have been appealed by the USDOJ. The USDOJ won its appeal, which kept hundreds of thousands of nonviolent drug offenders imprisoned under a sentencing law that the government admits was racist. But apparently, I only object to these injustices because I'm prejudice against blacks in office.  

Regarding the secret arrest for 18 days and murder of Larry Neal, the USA refuses to release any information, records or things related to his secret lynching in 2003. The USDOJ pretends to have NO RECORDS of its overview of Memphis Shelby County Jail, although the USDOJ was placed in direct overview of the jail after lawsuit against the "correctional" facility was filed by the USA due to inmate abuses. I asked for the jail's reports to the USDOJ, which were Ordered to be submitted routinely under the terms of the jail's Agreement with the USA. I asked for records of the USA's release hearings for the jail - hearings wherein Larry Neal's secret arrest and murder were deliberately omitted in a conspiracy to defraud the USA. The cover-up regarding Larry Neal's murder continues. It is effected in part by censorship, intimidation, and financial persecution against my family, and cooperation by media, public officials, police departments, and gangstalkers. See proof at http://JusticeGagged.blogspot.com and http://youtube.com/jkempp703 ~ A copy of my response to a Freedom of Information Act request is below:


June 27, 2013

Dear Ms. Neal

This is in response to your electronic communication directed to the White House seeking access to Shelby County "fatality report" regarding the death of Larry Neal. We received your note dated June 27, 2013.

The Freedom of Information Act provides access to federal agency records only and does not provide a means of access to any "fatality reports" that might have been generated by a local jail. The State of Tennessee may have a statue similar to the federal access statute that would enable you to seek access to a copy of any reports that might have been generated. If you are aware that there might have been a specific investigation, you may wish to contact State of Tennessee authorities to see what records might be available within State files, if any. Accordingly, we are providing you with the following address:

Department of Corrections
320 Sixth Avenue, North, 6th Floor
Nashville, TN 37243

On receiving a copy of your note from the White House, the office conducted an extensive searching once again to see there might have been any federally generated records pertaining to a specific investigation regarding Larry Neal. As a result of that search, I have determined that the Civil Rights Division has NO RECORDS RESPONSIVE TO YOUR FOIA REQUEST.

It is apparent that the Executive Office for the United States has also conducted a search for records in response to your request to the Department of Justice component. Accordingly, it appears that the United States Attorneys office was also unable to locate any information responsive to your request. As you are probably aware, the Department of Justice, in a given year will receive thousands of civil rights complaints and requests to conduct investigations under the criminal civil rights statutes. Consequently, the Department of Justice does not investigate every complaint that it receives.

Should you wish to appeal my response to your request, you may do so by writing to the Director, Office of Information Policy (OIP), United States Department of Justice, 1425 New York Avenue, N.W. Building, Suite 11050, Washington, D.C. 20530. Your appeal must be timely. The envelope should be marked "FOI/PA Appeal." You may also submit your appeal via OIP's electronic portal (at http://www.justice.gov/oip/efoia-portal.html). Following review by the Department, judicial review of the decision of the Attorney General is available in the United States District Court in the judicial district in which you reside, in which you have your principal place of business, or in the District of Columbia.

I hope the Civil Rights Division has been of some assistance to you in this matter

Nelson D. Hermilla, Chief
Freedom of Information/Privacy Acts Branch
Civil Rights Division

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